What To Sell On Ebay? Easy Things To Sell On Ebay That Will Put Cash In Your Pocket!

Are you in search of easy things to sell on eBay? Do you need new ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

Ebay Is One of the Easiest Places To Earn Money

I’ve been selling things on eBay for about a decade now. I’ll be frank here and tell you that this is not my only place to sell but trust me, it’s up there on my favorites list. May be it’s my experience that has taught me what will sell and what won’t. I’m not saying I’m an expert. I’m just saying I’ve observed things over the years so I can speak from experience.

Coupons Are One of the Easiest Things To Sell on Ebay

Coupons sell very easily on eBay. I don’t mean grocery coupons that you see in the newspaper every Sunday, but coupons that can be found in magazines. I’m talking about coupons for percentages off of purchases from stylish stores like J.Jill or Ann Taylor that you find in magazines like InStyle or Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens. You won’t make a lot of money auctioning coupons, but it’s a good start. Plus, it’s easy to put them up for auction. You won’t need a picture because it won’t have any effect on the auction. Also, shipping coupons is inexpensive. You only have to pay for the stamps. One of the coupons I like to sell is Coach. You can read a post I wrote on another one of my blogs,, regarding how to get Coach coupons.

Easy Things You Can Make and Sell on Ebay

Do you have a little artistic talent? This can be put to good use by selling things you make on eBay. You don’t need to be an expert. Just a little talent will do. If you don’t possess any artistic talent, then it can be easily learned.  That’s right; you can learn how to paint and then sell things you paint on eBay. I was fortunate enough to have a bit of artistic talent, however, I honed my skills with the help of painting books written by Donna Dewberry. You can learn the basics of painting very easily through her books. Once you get a hold of the basics, then you’ll be able to do everything else easily. You can paint on mirrors, vases, frames, etc and put them up for auction on eBay. Not only is this fun, but you can gain followers or fans of your work who will be excited to see what you’ll produce and list on eBay next!

I’m going to reveal a secret here.  Pink roses sell very well on eBay. Thus, if you learn how to paint good pink colored roses on different things, you can be sure that they will sell. You can search on eBay using the keyword phrases “hp pink roses” and “handpainted pink roses” to get an idea of what these types of products are selling for. You can also run a search with the terms “cottage” or “shabby.” Personally, I tried my hand with roses on cork boards, black boards, mirrors, etc and believe me, they have always sold.

If you’re a handyman, then you’ll find a market for your detailed plans too! The best part is that you only have to write down the instructions once and sell them over and over again.

Explode Your eBay Profits With This Technique

I’ve also sold books that I bought from thrift stores, children’s clothes, magazines from libraries that give old copies for free, designer handbags that I buy on sale, etc., and my personal favorite…old photos and colored illustrations from books. I learned everything I know about this from an ebook about tearing up old books and magazines and selling them on eBay. You can check out this book here. Purchasing this book was probably one of the best investments I made to expand my eBay business.

It’s easy to find old books. You can go to any thrift shop or used book store. Here’s an example: For $10, I bought a Princeton yearbook. There were many pictures of the sports teams. I scanned them before tearing the pictures out just to see if people were interested. If they weren’t I’d just sell the book as a whole. Luckily for me, people were really interested and I sold specific sports team pictures for $4.99 each. Cool, right?!

While doing this however, you have to be careful about copyrights of the book. You’ll find many articles elaborating on this topic and so just do your due deligence if pursuing this activity. Check if the pictures are in the public domain. You can cut the pictures out especially from very old books and then sell them on eBay after adding some touches so they look better. Always scan them before tearing them. You can sell the book as a whole if the pictures don’t attract attention of buyers. If this is what you are interested in, you can check out this eBook on tearing up old books and magazines and learn everything you need to know about this technique to profit from it on eBay.

You can also take something old out and make something unique and new out of it. Here’s what I once did. I bought old tray mirrors from a consignment shop. I spray painted them with antique white acrylic paint around the edges. Then with a wire, I threaded some pink beads on the edges so they were dangling. They looked beautiful and fetched me twice the money I spent. Plus, it didn’t even take up a lot of my time!

Always think out of the ordinary when you sell on eBay. Creativity and research are two main factors that will always come into play when selling successfully on eBay. You should do your research about the idea first and see if it will attract buyers. You can go through the “completed listings” box when you go into the advanced research. You will have a clear idea about the money you can earn on eBay. You might also end up getting ideas about what to sell and how to offer unique products that are in demand. The most important part is to have fun. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, then you won’t do it for long.

Lastly, do check out Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines so that you start earning immediately on eBay. It’s simply one of the easiest things to sell on eBay!

This Used Item CAN Be Easy to Sell on Ebay!

Used Shoes are Easy to Sell Items on eBay!

I never would have thought an easy item to sell on eBay would be used shoes, especially kids used shoes. However, my son’s used sneakers and docksiders were the perfect items to sell for more than a few bucks. In addition, they were easy to pack and ship.

My son goes to a school where he wears a uniform so his “play” shoes don’t get much wear and tear. In addition, he grows out of his shoes every time I turn around. He had a nice pair of black, leather Converse sneakers that were in fabulous shape, and a pair of popular, tan docksiders that were in equally great shape. I sold them for $19.51 and $26.00 respectively.

The great thing about each of these pairs of shoes was that they were relatively flat. They weren’t the big basketball sneakers that would have required a box to ship. I was able to slip these shoes into a padded USPS flat rate envelope. Granted, one pair was a size 6 1/2, and the other pair was a size 9. I don’t think anything larger than a size 9 shoe would fit into the padded envelope I used. It was a tight fit!

So when you are thinking about giving away or “trashing” your kids shoes, take a second look at them. Can they be cleaned up, wiped down, given a new pair of shoe laces and given a second chance with an awaiting eBay buyer? It might just be worth a try!

Easy Things to Sell on Ebay Abound on This Website

If you’re looking for easy things to sell on eBay than you don’t have to look much farther than the website At Wholesale Central, you can pretty much find anything that could be a potential gold mine if you search around on their website long enough. The best part is that Wholesale Central is free to buyers.

As we all know, a successful eBay business starts by finding that perfect niche that attracts buyers but doesn’t have a lot of sellers. It starts with doing your research on eBay with checking out the completed auctions for niches you think you may want to sell in.

Once you have a good idea of what the products in your potential niche sell for, than you need to see if you can find those products at wholesale prices. is the perfect place to start.

The businesses listed on include wholesalers, distributors, importers, and manufacturers of merchandise in every major category from A-Z. The companies are mostly located in North America, but there are some wholesalers from around the world. Approved Asian companies can be found on their Asian Sources pages, for larger buyers that are interested in sourcing product(s) directly from China and the Far East.

Check out today and get your eBay business underway!

List Items For Sale on Ebay Fast with This Ebay App

Buying and Selling on eBay is Fast and Easy with The eBay App for Android

This website is dedicated to easy things to sell on eBay, however, once you have that easy item to sell that can bring you a nice little profit, what’s the easiest way to list the item for sale?

I have a confession to make.  I bought my new Samsung Galaxy II smart phone so I could have access to the free eBay app for Android (I know, I could have bought an iPhone but I already have an iPad and wanted to try an Android-based phone).

I’ve only used the app twice.  The first time was a few weeks ago.  I listed a lot of boys jeans.  I sold them all, but not for as much money as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I found the app easy to use, and it helped me to list my items quickly.

The following is a list of the eBay app for Android features:

  • Quick listings Create a listing in under a minute
  • eBay on the go Search, shop, buy, sell and check the status of all your eBay activities
  • Barcode scanner Research items and import details right into your listing
  • Photo upload Effortlessly upload photos from your Android phone’s camera or photo library
  • Buyer alerts Get notified on the status of your auctions and watched items
  • My eBay View a dashboard of all your eBay activity with quick access to further details
  • Mobile Checkout Pay for items with PayPal, eBay gift cards, coupons and earn eBay Bucks where available
  • Search Filter by category, condition, price range, buying format and more
  • Voice-enabled search Tap the microphone button, say what you’re looking for, and the app will search for that item
  • Prompt customer service See how your items are performing, reply to questions promptly and provide speedy responses
  • eBay Feedback Leave feedback scores and comments on the go
  • Daily Deals Find eBay’s hottest limited-time deals right on the home screen
  • PayPal Pay for most transactions right from your phone
  • Access 15 eBay sites worldwide
  • Languages Support for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish

The second time I used the eBay app for Android was just the other day when I listed a Boys GapKids Jacket in Size 12.  It only took me a few minutes to take some pictures of the jacket with the phone and create my listing with the eBay app.  The best part is that the Android phone has a microphone feature that allows me to “speak” my description for my item, creating it even faster. The app has all the features you would normally get if you were listing from your PC. For instance, I was able to set my shipping price and terms, and even schedule my auction to go live later that evening.

I only have a few negative comments about this app. I didn’t think my pictures taken with my phone were  of the greatest quality, and my item description automatically included the following line, “Posted with the eBay Android app.” In addition, you can’t get fancy with templates. The only template that’s available is a plain, straightforward template.

After my listing went live, I did edit it slightly from my PC (you can also edit it from your phone).  I took out the “Posted with the eBay Android app” sentence, and added a hyperlink to my About Me page. The following is a little bit off topic, but it needs to be said. It’s a waste if you’re not taking advantage of your About Me page because that’s where you can advertise anything without having eBay slap you on the wrist. Do you have a blog, website or eBay store you want to promote? How about a Facebook Page or subscriber list? Your About Me page can be a great traffic generation tool for you.

If you’re a busy person, but still want to sell items to generate extra income, think about downloading and using the free eBay app for Android  or iPhone.  This app could really work for you!




Easiest Things To Sell On Ebay Can Be Found At These Events

I never thought to look at these particular events to find easy things to sell on eBay. Here I am visiting these events several times a year and walking past so many items that could be viable products to sell on eBay.  What events am I talking about? Church, school, and neighborhood craft fairs!

I’m sure you have these craft fairs in your backyard too. They are usually events that happen at the beginning of a season.  Fall and Christmas craft fairs are particular abundant.  What makes these craft fairs so enticing for folks looking for easy things to sell on eBay? They are rich with crafters that make things from home and possibly have no interest in selling on eBay themselves, or just don’t know how to do it.

That’s where you come in.  Look for products that you can purchase from the crafter at wholesale prices if you buy them in volume. You can also sell these products for the crafter and take a commission if they aren’t interested in wholesaling them. Just walk around these craft fairs and gather business cards or names and numbers from the crafters you’d like to chat with later, and you could end up with an eBay store filled with products from just visiting one of these events!

More Easy Things To Sell on Ebay: Vintage Pins

I’m always thinking of easy things to sell on eBay and I thought of vintage pins when I was recently at a friend’s house who sells custom made purses that are adorned with pretty vintage pins.

I asked my friend where she buys her vintage pins to put on the purses and she said she has a variety of places she visits on a weekly basis such as upscale consignment stores, estate sales, and thrift shops. What makes vintage pins an easy item to sell on eBay are their size, availability, and weight.

Vintage pins can be found in many different places (chances are you have some), are easy to pack, and cheap to ship. All important details when you are looking for something easy to sell on eBay!

So why would people want to buy vintage pins? There are many reasons.  Pins can be used for so many different things. You can use them to decorate a formal clutch purse, a plain lamp shade, a photo frame, and SO much more. But don’t just stop at pins. all types of vintage jewelry can be found and sold on eBay for nice little profits. Here are nine ways you can use vintage jewelry in home decor. Here are also ten ways you can accessorize with vintage pins.

Below are current vintage pin auctions on eBay:

Just remember, easy things to sell on eBay can be found everywhere! Stop back often to for more creative ideas on things to sell online!

Want Easy Things To Sell? Try This Little Known Technique For Maximum Profits

Want easy things to sell on eBay? You can’t get any easier than tearing up old magazines and books! It’s a little known technique that when done right, can add that extra income you’ve been looking for each and every month. I know this works because when I followed the directions in the ebook I’m about to tell you about, the money started coming in.

Avril Harper is the expert behind this technique, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, your success on eBay with this method will be hit or miss.  I’ve followed Avril for some time now and have used her methods at tearing up old books and magazines to earn money on eBay, and let me just say–it works!  For instance, I found a 1912 Princeton Yearbook at a thrift store.  Inside were great, old pictures of Princeton’s sports’ teams.  I was able to make money by dissecting that yearbook and selling the individual pictures on eBay.  I was able to do this because the date of the yearbook put it in the public domain.  Avril explains how to go about doing something like this and more in her eBook, Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Them on eBay. The following is from Avril….

Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Them on eBay–by Avril Harper, eBay PowerSeller

For the past few years I’ve been tearing up old books and magazines and selling them on eBay and generating very good profits.  I’ll show you how to do exactly the same.

You could be making money from items other people throw into their rubbish bins each day!  Items they’re glad to get rid of, which serve no obvious purpose once they’re more than a few hours old.  Just ask and most people will stockpile these items for you, some will even pay you to take them away to make room for more of the same.

We’re talking everyday items here, even recent publications available in abundance, alongside other paper items which are old and quite rare yet still just cost pennies at auctions and flea markets or even on eBay itself.

We’re talking about newspapers  …..  magazines  …..  and books  …..  the sort of things most people buy to read and bin soon after.  ‘Rubbish’ that could earn you upwards of $200 a time – and doubtless a great deal more – every single day!

Priceless?  Today’s Newspaper? How Can That Be?

The simple truth is, most people don’t realize a newspaper or magazine can be even more valuable once it has been read and crumpled, and finally discarded.  Few people understand the wealth of opportunities that lie buried in the pages of average modern day or somewhat older publications.

And just as surely they don’t know – or don’t believe – that money is waiting to be made from these publications, but only by those who have the inside knowledge essential for turning paper into gold.  You can have that inside knowledge today and very soon:

You WILL Soon be Generating Very High Earnings Indeed From These Projects …..  Most of Which Require Just a Handful of Magazines  (Sometimes Just One) and a Few Common Household Accessories.

Everything I am doing is completely new, few people are doing anything similar on eBay.  You see, it’s just a few years since I discovered this easy business myself, and it’s something I can’t wait to share with you.

This entire concept has made me an eBay PowerSeller, yet I genuinely am just touching the tip of this exciting opportunity.  There’s much more to this business than even I can tackle and the market is wide open for more people to copy me exactly and generate some extra spending money or even earn a full-time living this way.

It’s all so easy, so profitable, so enjoyable, and when you see what’s involved you really will be amazed at the prices people all over the world will pay for items anyone can find, take home and dismantle, and …..

….  Best of All  …………..

You don’t have to learn for yourself how to get started making big money from tearing up easy-to-find books, newspapers and magazines, because my unique blueprint is packed with illustrations, showing you, step-by-step, which are the best publications to look for and how to turn your finds into easy cash.

You will discover, in precise detail, exactly how to operate one or a string of eBay businesses, all selling individual items removed from old books, newspapers and magazines, and how to turn every single page of those publications into a profitable earnings source for you.
These are the things you’ll discover:

  • How to reach thousands of people looking to buy your items on eBay.
  • How to describe your products in a way that sends people rushing to ‘Bid Now’ or better still bid way above your best expectations and even rush to get their money into your bank account within minutes.
  • Why the best item to buy to resell is something nobody wants and would never contemplate buying.  But wait, there is an incredibly good reason for you to buy that item and with just a few minutes’ effort I’ll show you how to turn it into something people will fall over themselves to buy!  This is the stuff bidding wars and eBay record breaking prices are made of!
  • What to offer your customers that costs you less than one penny a time to provide, yet turns even the most ordinary item into a must-have product that by far the most skeptical of eBayers just can’t wait to bid for and own.
  • Discover a very simple, easy thing to do, that few others are doing already, which can quadruple your profits, and even if many more people are selling similar products to yours (very unlikely) yours will still be the ones people rush to bid for and buy.
  • How to start a bidding war for your eBay listings!  You’ll see how, for a little extra ‘work’ you can increase your prices significantly and still have people fighting between themselves to buy whatever you are selling.  This is so easy, yet most people on eBay just don’t know this secret I  reveal in my report, even though it costs nothing and takes just a few minutes to do.
  • How to make really silly money.  I’ll show you books that contain thousands of items that can be sold separately, each of which can bring bids of $4, $10, $40 or more a time.  I’ve done it, many times, and I include irrefutable proof in my book.  I’ll even show you which books and magazines to look for and how to get them at the lowest possible price, even free of charge!  You’ll quickly discover that the choice of publications you can choose from is so immense that what you sell is nothing at all like what I am selling and could in fact be worth much more than my items.  The upshot is that won’t ever encroach on my market and I won’t ever be a threat to you!
  • What every cat lover in the world wants from you  …..  and every dog lover, too.  And the more you have of these everyday items, the more those people are happy to pay.
  • How to turn a handful of ads. for goods you can no longer buy into a powerful profit-generating machine.  You’ll see how just a handful of magazines will generate the bulk of your profits when you learn secrets that normally take years to learn.  You can profit from this knowledge in days.
  • The freebie that’s worth a fortune to you.  You’ll learn where to find hundreds of these items every week and have eager regular bidders for every one.

One Final Thing

Remember, no special experience is called for on your part, and my book is written in straightforward, easy to follow instructions.  There are pictures and illustrations to help you more easily understand what’s involved, as well as step-by-step instructions about what publications to choose, what to do with them, how to price and promote them, even how to fulfill your orders in expectation of bigger profits later.

You can start this business any time you like, it won’t date, it won’t go out of fashion. The business, and eBook, work equally well in the USA as in the UK, or in Japan, or Ireland, Italy or Canada, in fact anywhere at all!

But I would recommend anyone currently contemplating this ‘ground-floor’ opportunity to …..   do it now   …..  simply because if you don’t establish a strong foothold in one or more areas soon, someone else may beat you to it.

Read more about the opportunity at: MAKE MONEY TEARING UP OLD BOOKS AND MAGAZINES.

How To Find Easy Things To Sell On Ebay For Quick Cash

Looking For Easy Things To Sell On eBay?

On another one of my blogs, I’ve written a post titled, What To Sell On EBay–Easy To Find Items That Will Put Cash In Your Pocket! If you haven’t read that post yet, you may find it interesting. That’s where I give some creative tips on things you can find or make to sell on eBay (especially the suggestion about tearing up old books and magazines and selling them on eBay). This post is more about learning what’s popular on eBay, and then going out and finding them at a cheaper price to list on eBay for quick cash.

How To Find Out What’s Popular On eBay

First, you need to find out what’s popular on eBay. EBay Pulse is your first stop. Ebay Pulse provides a daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks, and cool stuff on eBay. You can search by category, and see the largest stores that offer items in each of these categories. In addition, you can check out the archives for eBay Pulse, to see what was popular from just a few days ago, to a couple of years ago!

Second stop is to search on Popular Products on eBay. This is somewhat similar to eBay Pulse, however you can learn exactly what products are listed on eBay that are really popular at any given time. For example, if you click on the main category heading such as “Books,” the left sidebar will show you what the top products are at that time in the Books category.

So now you know how to find popular trends and popular products on eBay. Now, you have to find these items at a discount to sell on eBay for quick cash. Easier said then done, right?

Lets face it, you probably can’t compete with the big guys when it comes to selling iPods at a discount. However you don’t need to try to sell popular electronics on eBay in order to make money.

The Importance of Ebay Pulse

I just looked on eBay Pulse and saw that one of the top searches for today were Cricut Cartridges. I didn’t even know what they were! I checked out some auctions and found out that they were for scrapbooking. I also did an advanced search for completed listings and found that these cartridges receive multiple bids on them and can sell for over $20!

Just thinking off the top of my head, I know that every Sunday I get a paper with coupons. There is always a Michael’s craft store coupon in the Michael’s flyer for at least 40% off–sometimes there is even one for 50% off. I could take my coupon down to the store and buy one of these cartridges to sell on eBay. I would know which ones are popular because of the advanced search I did on eBay. If I could make say $10 on a cartridge, then I would buy multiple papers (or ask my friends and family for the Michael’s coupons) for the coupons and visit Michael’s several times during the week to pick up multiple cartridges. Yes, Michael’s usually only allows you to use one coupon per visit. So, either visit different stores on the same day, or visit the same store several times during the week. I would then list all my cartridges at the end of the week.

Research Your Way To Ebay Riches

Now I didn’t check this out and I don’t know if I could make $10 per cartridge. This is just an example. However, if I could make $10 per cartridge and have 5 cartridges to list each week for a month, I would make $200 (before eBay and PayPal fees). Not bad! That’s just one product and one idea. What if I did this with five different products that I researched and know are selling well on eBay, and made $10 profit on each of the products, listing 25 products per week for a total of 100 products per month? I just made $1,000 before fees! I am assuming they will all sell because I did my homework on finding out what is popular on eBay at the time.

Here’s another example: On eBay Pulse, you can dig way down in a category to see what is popular. For instance, I checked out Women’s Clothing and then clicked on Maternity. I found out that “Gap” was a popular search in the Maternity category. I checked the advanced search options on eBay to see what “new Gap” completed listings had sold for in this category, and then went over to the Gap website and checked out their Maternity section to see what was on sale. Expectant mothers are always looking for cool jeans to wear! And yes, there were jeans on sale! Not only that, Gap was offering a free shipping coupon code to GapCard members and Gap Silver Card Members, and an additional 10% off on Tuesdays if you have a GapCard, Banana Republic or Old Navy credit card. The great thing about maternity clothes is that you can sell winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter. Expectant mothers are always planning ahead on what they will need to wear at certain points in their pregnancy.

Check Out eBay’s Daily Deals

You can also monitor eBay’s Daily Deals. Here you will find items that are highly discounted–especially on Fridays. On Friday, all deals (at least at this time) are $5 and free shipping. In fact, all Daily Deals are free from shipping charges. You can buy these items and sell them back on eBay, or sell them on Just be careful and do your research. Some of these items are always discounted through certain sellers, and some are truly bargains!

Ebay Selling Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

I hope this post helps a little bit in getting your creative juices flowing. I could go on and on the subject of finding easy things to sell on eBay. I truly believe once you know what’s popular on eBay and what people are searching for and are willing to pay for, then you have a great shot at being a successful seller on eBay.

If you have any questions or comments, please share them below.