List Items For Sale on Ebay Fast with This Ebay App


Buying and Selling on eBay is Fast and Easy with The eBay App for Android

This website is dedicated to easy things to sell on eBay, however, once you have that easy item to sell that can bring you a nice little profit, what’s the easiest way to list the item for sale?

I have a confession to make.  I bought my new Samsung Galaxy II smart phone so I could have access to the free eBay app for Android (I know, I could have bought an iPhone but I already have an iPad and wanted to try an Android-based phone).

I’ve only used the app twice.  The first time was a few weeks ago.  I listed a lot of boys jeans.  I sold them all, but not for as much money as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I found the app easy to use, and it helped me to list my items quickly.

The following is a list of the eBay app for Android features:

  • Quick listings Create a listing in under a minute
  • eBay on the go Search, shop, buy, sell and check the status of all your eBay activities
  • Barcode scanner Research items and import details right into your listing
  • Photo upload Effortlessly upload photos from your Android phone’s camera or photo library
  • Buyer alerts Get notified on the status of your auctions and watched items
  • My eBay View a dashboard of all your eBay activity with quick access to further details
  • Mobile Checkout Pay for items with PayPal, eBay gift cards, coupons and earn eBay Bucks where available
  • Search Filter by category, condition, price range, buying format and more
  • Voice-enabled search Tap the microphone button, say what you’re looking for, and the app will search for that item
  • Prompt customer service See how your items are performing, reply to questions promptly and provide speedy responses
  • eBay Feedback Leave feedback scores and comments on the go
  • Daily Deals Find eBay’s hottest limited-time deals right on the home screen
  • PayPal Pay for most transactions right from your phone
  • Access 15 eBay sites worldwide
  • Languages Support for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish

The second time I used the eBay app for Android was just the other day when I listed a Boys GapKids Jacket in Size 12.  It only took me a few minutes to take some pictures of the jacket with the phone and create my listing with the eBay app.  The best part is that the Android phone has a microphone feature that allows me to “speak” my description for my item, creating it even faster. The app has all the features you would normally get if you were listing from your PC. For instance, I was able to set my shipping price and terms, and even schedule my auction to go live later that evening.

I only have a few negative comments about this app. I didn’t think my pictures taken with my phone were  of the greatest quality, and my item description automatically included the following line, “Posted with the eBay Android app.” In addition, you can’t get fancy with templates. The only template that’s available is a plain, straightforward template.

After my listing went live, I did edit it slightly from my PC (you can also edit it from your phone).  I took out the “Posted with the eBay Android app” sentence, and added a hyperlink to my About Me page. The following is a little bit off topic, but it needs to be said. It’s a waste if you’re not taking advantage of your About Me page because that’s where you can advertise anything without having eBay slap you on the wrist. Do you have a blog, website or eBay store you want to promote? How about a Facebook Page or subscriber list? Your About Me page can be a great traffic generation tool for you.

If you’re a busy person, but still want to sell items to generate extra income, think about downloading and using the free eBay app for Android  or iPhone.  This app could really work for you!




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    How’s things?, is anyone able to recommend on good free Ebay software that can bid automatically just before the auction ends? (I cannot remember what this is called. Thank-you

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