What To Sell On Ebay? Easy Things To Sell On Ebay That Will Put Cash In Your Pocket!


Are you in search of easy things to sell on eBay? Do you need new ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

Ebay Is One of the Easiest Places To Earn Money

I’ve been selling things on eBay for about a decade now. I’ll be frank here and tell you that this is not my only place to sell but trust me, it’s up there on my favorites list. May be it’s my experience that has taught me what will sell and what won’t. I’m not saying I’m an expert. I’m just saying I’ve observed things over the years so I can speak from experience.

Coupons Are One of the Easiest Things To Sell on Ebay

Coupons sell very easily on eBay. I don’t mean grocery coupons that you see in the newspaper every Sunday, but coupons that can be found in magazines. I’m talking about coupons for percentages off of purchases from stylish stores like J.Jill or Ann Taylor that you find in magazines like InStyle or Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens. You won’t make a lot of money auctioning coupons, but it’s a good start. Plus, it’s easy to put them up for auction. You won’t need a picture because it won’t have any effect on the auction. Also, shipping coupons is inexpensive. You only have to pay for the stamps. One of the coupons I like to sell is Coach. You can read a post I wrote on another one of my blogs,, regarding how to get Coach coupons.

Easy Things You Can Make and Sell on Ebay

Do you have a little artistic talent? This can be put to good use by selling things you make on eBay. You don’t need to be an expert. Just a little talent will do. If you don’t possess any artistic talent, then it can be easily learned.  That’s right; you can learn how to paint and then sell things you paint on eBay. I was fortunate enough to have a bit of artistic talent, however, I honed my skills with the help of painting books written by Donna Dewberry. You can learn the basics of painting very easily through her books. Once you get a hold of the basics, then you’ll be able to do everything else easily. You can paint on mirrors, vases, frames, etc and put them up for auction on eBay. Not only is this fun, but you can gain followers or fans of your work who will be excited to see what you’ll produce and list on eBay next!

I’m going to reveal a secret here.  Pink roses sell very well on eBay. Thus, if you learn how to paint good pink colored roses on different things, you can be sure that they will sell. You can search on eBay using the keyword phrases “hp pink roses” and “handpainted pink roses” to get an idea of what these types of products are selling for. You can also run a search with the terms “cottage” or “shabby.” Personally, I tried my hand with roses on cork boards, black boards, mirrors, etc and believe me, they have always sold.

If you’re a handyman, then you’ll find a market for your detailed plans too! The best part is that you only have to write down the instructions once and sell them over and over again.

Explode Your eBay Profits With This Technique

I’ve also sold books that I bought from thrift stores, children’s clothes, magazines from libraries that give old copies for free, designer handbags that I buy on sale, etc., and my personal favorite…old photos and colored illustrations from books. I learned everything I know about this from an ebook about tearing up old books and magazines and selling them on eBay. You can check out this book here. Purchasing this book was probably one of the best investments I made to expand my eBay business.

It’s easy to find old books. You can go to any thrift shop or used book store. Here’s an example: For $10, I bought a Princeton yearbook. There were many pictures of the sports teams. I scanned them before tearing the pictures out just to see if people were interested. If they weren’t I’d just sell the book as a whole. Luckily for me, people were really interested and I sold specific sports team pictures for $4.99 each. Cool, right?!

While doing this however, you have to be careful about copyrights of the book. You’ll find many articles elaborating on this topic and so just do your due deligence if pursuing this activity. Check if the pictures are in the public domain. You can cut the pictures out especially from very old books and then sell them on eBay after adding some touches so they look better. Always scan them before tearing them. You can sell the book as a whole if the pictures don’t attract attention of buyers. If this is what you are interested in, you can check out this eBook on tearing up old books and magazines and learn everything you need to know about this technique to profit from it on eBay.

You can also take something old out and make something unique and new out of it. Here’s what I once did. I bought old tray mirrors from a consignment shop. I spray painted them with antique white acrylic paint around the edges. Then with a wire, I threaded some pink beads on the edges so they were dangling. They looked beautiful and fetched me twice the money I spent. Plus, it didn’t even take up a lot of my time!

Always think out of the ordinary when you sell on eBay. Creativity and research are two main factors that will always come into play when selling successfully on eBay. You should do your research about the idea first and see if it will attract buyers. You can go through the “completed listings” box when you go into the advanced research. You will have a clear idea about the money you can earn on eBay. You might also end up getting ideas about what to sell and how to offer unique products that are in demand. The most important part is to have fun. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, then you won’t do it for long.

Lastly, do check out Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines so that you start earning immediately on eBay. It’s simply one of the easiest things to sell on eBay!

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