More Easy Things To Sell on Ebay: Vintage Pins


I’m always thinking of easy things to sell on eBay and I thought of vintage pins when I was recently at a friend’s house who sells custom made purses that are adorned with pretty vintage pins.

I asked my friend where she buys her vintage pins to put on the purses and she said she has a variety of places she visits on a weekly basis such as upscale consignment stores, estate sales, and thrift shops. What makes vintage pins an easy item to sell on eBay are their size, availability, and weight.

Vintage pins can be found in many different places (chances are you have some), are easy to pack, and cheap to ship. All important details when you are looking for something easy to sell on eBay!

So why would people want to buy vintage pins? There are many reasons.  Pins can be used for so many different things. You can use them to decorate a formal clutch purse, a plain lamp shade, a photo frame, and SO much more. But don’t just stop at pins. all types of vintage jewelry can be found and sold on eBay for nice little profits. Here are nine ways you can use vintage jewelry in home decor. Here are also ten ways you can accessorize with vintage pins.

Below are current vintage pin auctions on eBay:

Just remember, easy things to sell on eBay can be found everywhere! Stop back often to for more creative ideas on things to sell online!

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